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About Me.

Eddie Peterson Character Profile

Character Picture of Eddie Peterson

Hello, Eddie Peterson, and I'm on a mission to heal and care. My dedication to medicine led me to pursue a doctorate, and now I'm navigating the challenging path of residency with aspirations to become a skilled surgeon. In school, I focused more on studying than on popularity, though my brothers did manage to embarrass me on a high school date. Russell Estrada, a fellow doctor and my best friend from the graduating class, has been my pillar of support.


I have a soft spot for soft rock music and dream of vacationing in Germany. Despite not being overly competitive, I excel at playing pool and unwinding with TV watching as a hobby. My approach to affection involves planning romantic getaways, reflecting my desire to be seen as intelligent and caring. Join me on this medical journey, where time is, indeed, the best doctor and the healing power of laughter knows no bounds.

Physical Characteristics

Name: Eddie Peterson

Birthday: November 24th

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown


  • Grew Up: Northeast

  • Criminal Record: No

  • Family Members: Three brothers: Erik, Lucas, and Victor

  • Parental Relationships: Father: Edward | Mother: Lynn

  • Career Goals: To finish his residency and become a surgeon

  • Education: Doctorate

  • Favorite Subject in School: Science

  • Popularity in School: Focused more on studying than on being popular

  • Most Embarrassing Moment: When brothers embarrassed him on a date in high school

  • Best Friend: Russell Estrada (Doctor in his graduating class)


  • Greatest Fear: Not being a good enough doctor

  • Greatest Secret: Prefers to spend holidays away from family to avoid drama

  • Biggest Regret: The patient he lost early on in his residency

  • What Makes Me Laugh: Funny movies

  • What do I Want Most in Life?: A happy future

  • What am I Most Passionate About: Helping those who are sick

  • Favorite Trait about Myself: Caring

  • Least Favorite Trait about Others: Messiness

  • Pet Peeves: Those who break the law and cause harm to others

  • Favorite Quote: “Time is generally the best doctor.” – Ovid

  • Bad Habits: Doesn’t always eat a healthy diet

  • Secret Skill: Really good at playing pool

  • Hobbies: Watching TV

  • How do I Display Affection?: Planning romantic getaways

  • How do I want Others to See Me?: Intelligent and Caring

  • Competitive?: Usually not

  • What Sense do I Rely on Most?: Mind


  • Favorite Food: Italian

  • Least Favorite Food: Peas

  • Favorite Flowers: Tulips

  • Favorite Animal: Monkey

  • Desired Pets: None

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Big cities

  • Bucket List Vacation Location: Germany

  • Favorite Type of Music: Soft rock

  • Favorite Drink: Coke

  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Old fashioned  

  • Hero: Alexander Fleming

  • Favorite Halloween Costume: As a doctor, naturally
    Choose a Superpower: Xray Vision


  • Unforgivable Offense: Being unfaithful

  • What is My View of Freedom: Financial freedom

  • Biggest Promise I Made: Proposing to Marie

  • Biggest Lie I Told: That I love my mom’s meatloaf

Fun Facts

  • The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Eggs

  • What’s on My Bedside Table: Cellphone and pager

  • What’s in my Car: Stethoscope

  • Item I Always Have with Me: Phone and pager

  • Most Treasured Possession: Knife from grandpa

  • Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Read the paper

  • First Thing I Do in the Morning: Eat breakfast

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