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When going too far just isn't enough.


Private Detective Book Crossing The Line

What could go wrong when two sets of siblings open a law firm together? A lot of dead bodies can pile up! Time for the Hartman and Malone team to get to work.

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Hartman and Malone

Mystery Series

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Get first access to all the latest books in the Hartman and Malone Mystery Series here. The team looks forward to sharing their stories and getting you involved in their lives as they journey throughout the country and the world solving mysteries and finding themselves along the way.


Learn more about each of our characters and the things they love! On this page, you'll find fun backstories while taking a closer look at our team members' interests, hobbies, what they are up to and even more fun things about them all.



Looking for even more ways to learn about our characters and what makes them tick? On this page, you'll find a lot of information that you won't find in the books along with new characters, individual stories and much more. Check it out!



The Hartman and Malone Mystery Series is a book series created by writer Paige H. Perry. Everyone loves a good mystery, and when you throw a little romance and excitement into the mix, you never know what kind of trouble you will get into.

Our goal is to bring our characters to life so our readers can really feel they know them and their stories well. You never know what twists and turns you're going to find yourself on in this series, and we hope to give you the stories and character fun facts you need to truly fall in love with these characters.

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