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Cozy Mystery & Detective Mystery Books

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About The Bread and Barks Bakery Cozy Mystery Series

Lily Roberts runs the sweetest shop in her little town of Misty Meadows, the Bread & Barks Bakery. Along with sweet treats and baked goods, residents can visit her two mascots, a pair of adorable dachshund pups named Casey and Copper. But, they aren't just the cutest dogs in town, they are also Lily's partners in solving mysteries and murders! Join us for a delightful blend of sweet treats and suspense with a pinch of intrigue in this heartwarming cozy culinary mystery series.

Cats, Cookies, and Capers Book Cover
Spilling The Tea on Murder Book Cover
Murder is Blooming (2).png

About The Hartman and Malone Mystery Series

What could go wrong when two sets of siblings open a law firm together? A lot of dead bodies can pile up! Time for the Hartman and Malone team to get to work.


Anna Hartman always knew her sister Marie was destined to be a lawyer. What she never expected was to join her by becoming a private investigator herself. She also never expected to team up with her sister and open up their own law firm with the Malone brothers, Bryant and Joe!

But after a few brushes with the law herself, that's exactly what Anna does. Now, she has a full-time detective partner, Joe Malone, and together they solve murders for their clients all over the city of Richmond, Virginia.

If you're looking for a good mystery book series that's filled with smart detectives and tricky crimes, you won't want to miss this mystery series.

When Worlds Collide Book Cover
Counting the Lies Book Cover
Trial By Sabotage Book Cover
A Deal to Die For Book Cover
Crossing the Line Book Cover

Spice up your reading list with my collection of cozy culinary mystery books and detective series books. Get ready to solve the crime, fall in love with the characters, and enjoy a few mouthwatering recipes along the way. Join me in this thrilling journey where crime meets cuisine and every page turns into a delicious adventure! Stop by this page to learn more about the books in my pair of cozy mystery series.


Meet private investigator Anna Hartman or fall in love with the sweet treats amateur sleuth Lily Roberts has to offer over at the Bread and Barks Bakery. My heroines and their fun supporting cast of characters are dying to meet you! (Unfortunately, lots of the other characters in my books are also dying.) It's up to you and our team of detectives to figure out whodunit!



Not all the fun from my detective series books happens on the pages of my novels. You can also find a lot of fun short stories right on my site. Stop by this page to check out some of the fun mystery stories, character stories, and more. You might even find a few stories about my dogs, Casey and Copper here! I'm always adding new things, so be sure to check back often for new stories related to my pair of cozy mystery series.


Meet the Author

Hey there, I'm Paige H. Perry, the creative mind behind the Hartman and Malone Mystery Series and the Bread and Barks Cozy Bakery Mystery Series. Everyone loves a good mystery. So, I decided to spice things up by adding a dash of romance and a pinch of excitement to the mix–because who doesn't love a thrilling roller coaster ride?

My mission? To bring my characters to life in such a way that my readers feel like they've stumbled on a new group of friends. Picture this: cozy culinary mystery books and detective series books that are not just stories, but vibrant worlds waiting to be explored. Get ready for the unexpected as you never know what twists and turns you'll find yourself navigating in these series.

Also, let's not forget about my charming companionsCasey and Copper, my dynamic dachshund duo. These lovable furballs are always by my side, providing the perfect blend of doggy naps and cuddles to the mix.

But it's not just about the mysteries. It's about creating an immersive experience. I want my readers to get to know my characters so well that they feel like they're part of the story. That's why I'm here to dish out not only compelling narratives but also those little character fun facts that make you fall head over heels for the Hartman and Malone crew and the cozy culinary world of the Bread and Barks Bakery.

So, buckle up, grab a cozy blanket, and get ready for an adventure filled with culinary delights, detective escapades, and the kind of fun that only a good mystery can deliver. Welcome to my world, where every book is a new recipe for excitement and discovery!

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