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Paige is a passionate story-teller with a drive to bring her characters to life.


After writing her first mystery story at the age of 9, Paige has made it her life's mission to create a world where her unique characters can thrive and live out their lives while dodging bullets, threats, and murder.

She is the author of the Hartman and Malone Mystery series.

The books available in this series are:

  • When Worlds Collide -- A Hartman and Malone Story/Prequel

  • Trial By Sabotage     ---- A Hartman and Malone Mystery #1

  • A Deal to Die For     ---- A Hartman and Malone Mystery #2

  • Count the Lies          ---- A Hartman and Malone Mystery #3

  • Crossing the Line     ---- A Hartman and Malone Mystery #4

Paige lives in Oklahoma with her family and two dachshunds who are forever taking over the blankets and pillows in the house.

Check out her free e-book today, and get to know the Hartman and Malone crew better than you ever thought possible.


"Good friends and chocolate pie always makes a bad situation better."

Paige H. Perry

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