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Alex Vega Character Profile

Character Picture of Alex Vega

Hey, I'm Alex Vega. Growing up in the Midwest, I pursued a career in law enforcement and graduated from the Police Academy a few years ago. I'm passionate about my career and aiding those in trouble. My journey has led me to a career path filled with dedication and a thirst for continued promotions in my department.


Government studies were my forte in school, and my popularity stemmed from an active sports life. Although there's no singular best friend, my strong sense of ethics and expert communication skills have garnered me several friends back home and many at work.

Join me on this adventure as I balance career aspirations, ethical values, and the cherished moments I share with my girlfriend Anna Hartman.

Physical Characteristics

Name: Alex Vega

Birthday: July 13th

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green


  • Grew Up: Midwest

  • Criminal Record: No

  • Family Members: One Brother – Connor & One Sister – Emilia

  • Parental Relationships: Father: Miles | Mother: Josie

  • Career Goals: For continued promotions in his department and beyond

  • Education: Police Academy

  • Favorite Subject in School: Government

  • Popularity in School: Fairly popular – played sports

  • Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting pulled over

  • Best Friend: Has several friends back home and many at work, but not a singular best friend.


  • Greatest Fear: Not being successful

  • Greatest Secret: Moved to the East Coast to start a new life

  • Biggest Regret: Not staying in contact with family

  • What Makes Me Laugh: Watching funny movies with Anna

  • What do I Want Most in Life?: Being the best in my department

  • What am I Most Passionate About: My career

  • Favorite Trait about Myself: Strong sense of ethics

  • Least Favorite Trait about Others: Irresponsibleness

  • Pet Peeves: People who kiss up to the bosses and show off but don't follow through on what they say they'll do

  • Favorite Quote: “Justice is merely incidental to law and order." -- J. Edgar Hoover

  • Bad Habits: Not getting enough sleep

  • Secret Skill: Expert communicator

  • Hobbies: Watching television shows

  • How do I Display Affection?: Bring flowers | Ordering Dessert

  • How do I want Others to See Me?: Powerful and Devoted

  • Competitive?: Sometimes

  • What Sense do I Rely on Most?: Sight


  • Favorite Food: Hamburgers

  • Least Favorite Food: Olives

  • Favorite Flowers: Loves bringing lilacs to Anna

  • Favorite Animal: Elephant

  • Desired Pets: None

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Somewhere relaxing

  • Bucket List Vacation Location: Australia

  • Favorite Type of Music: Doesn't listen to a lot of music

  • Favorite Drink: Drinks a lot of water

  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Bourbon

  • Hero: Inspiring police officers

  • Favorite Halloween Costume: Doesn't really dress up, but would to match Anna
    Choose a Superpower: Intelligence


  • Unforgivable Offense: Doing something unlawful

  • What is My View of Freedom: Being able to protect those I love

  • Biggest Promise I Made: I promised to become a police officer

  • Biggest Lie I Told: That I would stay in touch with family when I moved

Fun Facts

  • The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Breakfast food

  • What’s on My Bedside Table: Badge and gun

  • What’s in my Car: Emergency kit

  • Item I Always Have with Me: Badge

  • Most Treasured Possession: Old book my grandpa gave me

  • Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Go to the gun range

  • First Thing I Do in the Morning: Make breakfast

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