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Exploring the Charm of Small Towns in Cozy Mystery Novels

picture of small town store
Small town vibes for cozy mystery novels

Every cozy mystery starts with a small town. So, let’s talk about the small town of Misty Meadows, the setting for my Bread & Barks Bakery Cozy Mystery Series!

Everything moves a little slower in Misty Meadows. While many might enjoy the hustle and bustle of a big city, those who live in Misty Meadows prefer a slow-paced lifestyle.

Another thing the people of Misty Meadows love is being outside. Hiking in the summer, skiing in the winter, and gardening in the spring are the norm. There are also plenty of dog parks and pet-friendly locations, which is one reason why Lily Roberts loves her hometown so much.

One thing you won’t find in Misty Meadows is the opportunity to keep secrets. News spreads quickly in town, and the gossip train is alive and well. Of course, some people (especially those who commit murder) can keep some secrets, but the truth always comes out eventually.

For a cozy mystery series, Misty Meadows is the perfect town. Not only is the location ideal, but so are the people.

It’s debatable who the main character of my series is. If you asked Casey and Copper, our dachshund mascots, they would gladly take on that role. But since Lily solves all of the mysteries, she’s the one who really does all the real work.

Lily’s got her work cut out for her, but she has some great help. For example, her shop neighbor, Jackson, is always ready to lend a helping hand. Of course, he does own the hardware store, so he has the right tools for the job.

Lily and Jackson are more than just shop neighbors, however. What started as a great friendship blossomed into a sweet romance. Now, the pair are planning their future together. (It’s a good thing Casey and Copper love him too!)

picture of a hardware store shopping aisle
Every cozy mystery needs a good hardware store

Someone who is especially excited about Lily’s romance with Jackson is her best friend, Ava. Ava is the town’s real estate specialist. She and Lily have been friends since high school, and she loves nothing more than seeing her best friend happy.

Ava was the one who first suggested to Lily that she open a bakery. In fact, she loves the bakery so much that she jumps at the chance to help Lily get special orders together whenever she has the chance. She really loves decorating cookies.

You also can’t have a good cozy mystery series without a fun supporting cast of characters. And you need someone to make all the arrests. Sheriff Leo Arther is that character for Lily and crew.

Like Ava, Leo has known Lily since they were kids. Since they are old friends, he trusts her. But not enough to let her get away with murder, as we quickly find out in “Spilling the Tea on Murder.”

When push comes to shove, Sheriff Leo is the one who will keep everyone in line and following the rules of the law. But he’ll also be right there to help when danger arrives on the scene.

Lily, Jackson, Ava, and Leo have come together in a unique way to protect the residents of our cozy little town of Misty Meadows. Whether that involves helping out Mr. Langton at the barber shop or taking a trip to the ice cream shop, the crew has the skills needed to make the town a happy space.

I can’t wait to show you where the future will take our cast of characters! Stay tuned for all the updates for the Bread & Barks Bakery Cozy Mystery Series. I have some fun new adventures for the crew in the oven now.



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