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Team Building Exercise - Interview with Anna and Joe from our Detective Series Books

Interview equipment
Detective Series Books interview session

Hold onto your magnifying glasses, folks, because I decided to throw our star detectives, Anna and Joe, into the wacky world of team-building interviews! If you thought solving crimes was their only talent, think again. I concocted the quirkiest challenge to reveal the playful sides of our dynamic duo.

Forget crime scenes – this time, Anna and Joe are facing rubber chicken mazes, blindfolded trust exercises, and a race against the clock to crack a puzzle.

Through laughter, spilled coffee, and a few misplaced handcuffs, Anna and Joe not only survive but thrive in this offbeat adventure. This team-building escapade reveals a whole new dimension of our favorite crime-fighting pair and proves they can crack cases and conquer absurd challenges with equal finesse.

So, buckle up for a shorter but equally thrilling ride with Anna and Joe–the detectives who can solve mysteries and master rubber chicken mazes like nobody else!

Anna: Explain to me what we are doing again, Joe?

Joe, laughing: We're doing an interview together.

Anna: Well, this should be interesting. Are you asking the questions, or am I?

Joe: No way am I giving you control over this team-building exercise.

Anna, with a chuckle: Fine. Let's go, then.

Joe, clears throat: Question #1 - What is your favorite time of day, and why?

Anna: Hmm, I'm going with the end of the day. I like the times I get to relax by myself with a glass of wine before bed.

Joe: Good answer. I'm going with first thing in the morning because it's quiet. -- Question #2: What cheers you up?

Anna: Spending time with friends.

Joe: Really? That's interesting. I'm going to have to say Mom's pie. Definitely the pie. -- Question #3: What are some of your goals for the next year?

Anna: I'll go with an easy one. Finish my degree. I'm almost there.

Joe: Hmm, I think I might want to learn a new programming language. There's always one I don't know much about. -- Question #4: If you could rid yourself of one bad habit, what would it be?

Anna: Is Marie reading this?

Joe, laughing: We'll skip that one. How about this one: What are some positive things that have happened in your life over the last week?

Anna: Wow, that's a hard one. I did get to have a really great family dinner with Marie, so that was nice.

Joe: That is nice! Ummm, I spent time in my jeep, found a new song I really like, and met up with an old friend for the weekend.

Anna: Fun! Alright, give me that paper. Time for me to ask some for a change. -- Life is too short to tolerate ________.

Joe, laughing: Bad food.

Anna, also laughing: I like that. Bad food. Next! What is one of your favorite questions to ask a stranger?

Joe: What in the world kind of question is that? I guess I might ask them where they go their shoes.

Anna: Hmm, I might ask about the last movie they saw. Oooo, I like this next one. What is something daring you've eaten?

Joe: My aunt's chili.

Anna, laughing: That's not nice!

Joe, shrugging: She doesn't tell anyone what type of meat she uses.

Anna: Ewe! Well, I'm not very adventurous with my food, but I have had gizzards before. They're ok. Next question -- Other than money, what have you gained from work?

Joe: Friends that are more like family.

Anna: Ahh, that's sweet. Probably the same for me. Question...I've forgotten what number we are on, so let's go with 7 -- Of all living people, who would you most like to have a three-hour dinner with?

Joe: I'm a baseball fan, so I'm going to go with Willie Mays.

Anna: Well, if we're going with sports, I'm going to go with Danica Patrick.

Joe: Well, that's an obvious choice for you.

Anna, laughing: Shut up! Next question -- What are your favorite card games and why do you like them?

Joe: Ahh! All the ones I beat you at. Reason...because I beat you at them!

Anna: You don't beat me! I prefer Spoons, personally. Question 9: How would your parents describe you?

Joe, laughing: Definitely as trouble.

Anna, shaking her head: That would be accurate. I hope dad would say that I try hard and make him proud.

Joe, smiling: He would. Alright, my turn again. What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you?

Anna: Sleep in more. No, I'm kidding. Spend more time driving too fast.

Joe: Of course you would. I'm going to say, spend more time relaxing and in the woods with my jeep. Question 11? What do you wish you were great at?

Anna: Oh gosh. Keeping my cool. Not losing my temper?

Joe: I always wish I could have played baseball a little better. Maybe tried out for the college team. Question 12 -- What is your ideal evening?

Anna: Dinner and a great concert.

Joe: There's nothing like night-time mudding. Question 13 -- What are some of your most prized personal possessions?

Anna: Anything of my mom's. Marie has a necklace of hers. I have a bracelet she used to wear.

Joe: Yeah, I'm going to have to say my picture of Merida and some of the old mementoes I have from her.

Anna: This interview is getting too sad. Find a fun question again.

Joe: Good idea. What food dish would you like to learn to make?

Anna: Mmm, homemade pasta and sauce. Alex makes some really great sauce....or cheesecake. Now, I'm hungry. Thanks!

Joe, laughing: Mom's going to have to teach me how to make that chocolate cake of hers. She won't give up the recipe. Ahh, this goes along with that last one -- What is your favorite drinks?

Anna: I love strawberry vodka, but probably better stick with sweet tea.

Joe: Coke for me. What about candy? Do you have a favorite? Mine's M&Ms.

Anna: Reese's for me.

Joe: Are you a spender or a saver?

Anna: Usually, a saver, but I can spend money when I need to.

Joe: Not much I need out of life, so saving for me, unless I have someone to spend it on. Next! What is your favorite quote?

Anna: "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts." -- Eleanor Roosevelt

Joe: Well, that was quick.

Anna: I tried to make that one my personal motto, but it's hard.

Joe: Well, that takes care of this next question about your personal motto, then! My quote would have to be "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Anna, laughing: That's a mouthful.

Joe, also laughing: I know.

Anna: Do we have any more?

Joe: Here, you ask the rest.

Anna: Alright, What is one of the best gifts you've ever received?

Joe: Mom and dad bought me a dirt bike once. That was an awesome birthday.

Anna, with a smile: Dad bought me my first surfboard. I still have it in my closet. Question 14...I think...What was your first job?

Joe: I worked at a fast food place. It was greaaat.

Anna, laughing: I worked in a grocery store. Question 15: What have you enjoyed most about today?

Joe: Spending time with you doing this interview, of course!

Anna: Awe, that's nice. I like that one. Same for me.

Joe: Any other burning questions you'd like to ask me?

Anna, shaking her head: Nope, we are out of questions. I'm kind of sad it's over. That was fun.

Joe: Is that it? That was fun. Until next time, then.

We hope you enjoyed this fun interview with the detectives from our cozy mystery books! Check out all the mischief Anna and Joe get into by reading The Hartman and Malone Mystery Series. Trial by Sabotage is available for free!


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