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Trial By Sabotage

by: Paige H. Perry

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"This book is a very good start to this series of crime thrillers. Action packed, with very well developed characters, Trial by Sabotage kept my interest throughout. I’m starting the second book in the series right away. Believable characters, interesting story line. Recommended."

—  Maricle, Goodreads

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Two sisters, one messy court case, and two handsome sidekicks add up to one helluva ride!​

A high-speed pursuit was the last thing Anna expected when she set out on a road trip to the spa with her sister. But, when you learn your sister is the main focus of an FBI investigation, plans tend to change.

A deadly crime boss is hell-bent on wrecking her sister’s blossoming legal career, and now it’s not only her future in the balance—Anna has an arrest warrant waiting for her too! If the FBI can catch up with her, that is.

With danger around every corner, keeping her sister alive and out of jail won’t be easy.

About as easy as trusting her sister’s partner on the case while knowing someone in their office is out to get them. Or as easy as teaming up with that partner’s brother who’s busy investigating how to do as little as possible for the weekend.

So much for a quiet weekend at the spa!

Can Anna learn to work with a stranger long enough to find the mastermind behind the sabotage before the crime takes them all down?


If you like unexpected, action-filled mysteries with smart and engaging characters, you'll love Paige H. Perry's fast-paced series.

Buy Trial by Sabotage to investigate the dangerous mystery today!

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