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Trial By Sabotage

by: Paige H. Perry

Trial By Sabotage book cover
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"This book is a very good start to this series of crime thrillers. Action packed, with very well developed characters, Trial by Sabotage kept my interest throughout. I’m starting the second book in the series right away. Believable characters, interesting story line. Recommended."

—  Maricle, Goodreads

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Anna Hartman just wanted a quiet weekend at the spa with her sister and bestie. What she got instead was an arrest warrant with her name on it.

Normally, Anna can get herself into trouble all on her own. She never expected her sister to be involved. But when Anna discovers that an FBI investigation is targeting her sister, she’s willing to do just about anything to help. Even if that means leading two over-zealous agents on a high-speed car chase.

Now, to keep them both out of jail, Anna has to clear her sister’s name. To do that, she just needs to figure out which of her sister’s co-workers is working with a dangerous crime boss to frame her. The problem is, they may have to trust one of those co-workers and his brother to help them solve the case.

Can Anna keep them both alive—and out of jail—long enough to find the source of the sabotage?

If you like unexpected, action-filled mysteries with smart and engaging characters, you’ll love Paige H. Perry’s fast-paced amateur sleuth mystery book.

Download "Trial by Sabotage" to investigate the dangerous mystery today!

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