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Frankie's Profile

Take a closer look at what makes Frankie tick with this fun profile. From favorite foods and biggest fears to miscellaneous fun facts, you'll learn a lot of things about her here!

Physical Characteristics

Name: Frankie Fritts

Birthday: April 13th

Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green


Grew Up: Virginia

Criminal Record: No

Family Members: Two Brothers: Edmond and Brooks | Two Sisters: Hadley and Josalyn

Parental Relationships: Father: Howard | Mother: Cora

Career Goals: To become successful in the finance sector

Education: Masters in Business and Accounting

Favorite Subject in School: Math

Popularity in School: Was a key member on several academic teams

Most Embarrassing Moment: When she got caught cheating on a test

Best Friend: Marie


Greatest Fear: Letting down my family

Greatest Secret: She’s actually very shy, but pretends to be outgoing to get what she wants in life

Biggest Regret: Not studying harder to get into a better school

What Makes Me Laugh: Funny animal videos

What do I Want Most in Life?: To be successful

What am I Most Passionate About: Finance

Favorite Trait about Myself: My intelligence

Least Favorite Trait about Others: People who are pompous

Pet Peeves: When someone completes work inaccurately

Favorite Quote: “Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” – Benjamin Franklin

Bad Habits: Eats too much fast food

Secret Skill: She’s a really great painter

Hobbies: Arts and Crafts

How do I Display Affection?: Holding hands and buying gifts

How do I want Others to See Me?: Intelligent and Loyal

Competitive?: Yes

What Sense do I Rely on Most?: Touch


Favorite Food: Asian

Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms

Favorite Flowers: Daisy

Favorite Animal: Horses

Desired Pets: Cat

Favorite Vacation Spot: The Beach

Bucket List Vacation Location: Australia

Favorite Type of Music: Rock music

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Margarita

Hero: Katherine Johnson

Favorite Halloween Costume: Something funny Choose a Superpower: Ability to read minds


Unforgivable Offense: Hurting a family member

What is My View of Freedom: Being financially solid

Biggest Promise I Made: To finish graduate school

Biggest Lie I Told: Lied to last boyfriend about not wanting kids

Miscellaneous Fun Facts:

The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Sweet Tea

What’s on My Bedside Table: Charger and financial section of paper

What’s in my Car: Planner

Item I Always Have with Me: Phone and calculator

Most Treasured Possession: Old book from grandpa

Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Watch TV

First Thing I Do in the Morning: Shower

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