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Bryant's Profile

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Take a closer look at what makes Bryant tick with this fun profile. From favorite foods and biggest fears to miscellaneous fun facts, you'll learn a lot of things about him here!

Physical Characteristics

Name: Bryant Malone (Bryant Fisher Malone)

Birthday: May 18th

Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown


Grew Up: East Coast

Criminal Record: No

Family Members: One Brother - Joe

Parental Relationships: Father: Maverick | Mother: Beth

Career Goals: To open my own law firm

Education: Law Degree

Favorite Subject in School: History | English

Popularity in School: Was too busy studying to have a big social life

Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting turned down for prom

Best Friend: Joe


Greatest Fear: Failure

Greatest Secret: I worry I won’t be able to live up to my potential

Biggest Regret: Not knowing how to help Joe

What Makes Me Laugh: Funny events with friends

What do I Want Most in Life?: My own law firm

What am I Most Passionate About: My career and family

Favorite Trait about Myself: Integrity

Least Favorite Trait about Others: Narrow-mindedness

Pet Peeves: Those who don’t follow the rules

Favorite Quote: “Ring out the false, ring in the true.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Bad Habits: Can be bad at listening

Secret Skill: Can solve a Rubik’s cube quickly

Hobbies: Mountain climbing

How do I Display Affection?: Buying gifts

How do I want Others to See Me?: Trustworthy

Competitive?: Usually not

What Sense do I Rely on Most?: My intelligence


Favorite Food: Indian

Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms

Favorite Flowers: Orchids

Favorite Animal: Elephant

Desired Pets: Dog

Favorite Vacation Spot: A bustling city

Bucket List Vacation Location: Rome

Favorite Type of Music: Popular music

Favorite Drink: Water

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Beer

Hero: Dad

Favorite Halloween Costume: I don’t dress up Choose a Superpower: Super intelligence


Unforgivable Offense: Hurting someone I love

What is My View of Freedom: A stable career and happy family

Biggest Promise I Made: I promised mom I would help Joe after Merida died

Biggest Lie I Told: I told Joe that everything would be all right after Merida was taken

Miscellaneous Fun Facts:

The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Eggs

What’s on My Bedside Table: Glass of water

What’s in my Car: Jumper cables

Item I Always Have with Me: Wallet and money | A way to get help if left stranded

Most Treasured Possession: Chess club trophy from school

Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Relax

First Thing I Do in the Morning: Read the paper

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