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Crossing The Line

by: Paige H. Perry

Available on Kindle Unlimited!

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Anna Hartman finally has her whole life together. She’s got a great job, has a fantastic relationship with her family, and may even be getting married soon. Everything’s going just about right for her these days.

Or so she thought.

At first glance, the fresh case that landed on her desk looks simple. All she has to do is prove that a retired grandfather isn’t behind a big drug trafficking scheme. The evidence is on her side, so she expects to wrap this one up early.

Unfortunately, the true perpetrator of the crime wants to make things as difficult as possible for her. Anna’s strong, but she’s about to face an opponent who’s willing to eliminate everything from his path, including Anna.

Before she even has time to get her feet wet, Anna finds herself abducted!

With her in his grasp, Anna’s abductor demands her team get their client to change his plea to guilty so the true criminal can get away. Anna won’t stand for that.

Being held hostage in a basement won’t stop Anna. She’s determined to solve this case, even if that means working within the confines of what she has in her purse to do it.

Can Anna survive long enough to find out the truth? If she escapes, will her life ever be the same?


If you love stubborn private investigators with a side of danger, this is the book for you. Check out the next installment of the Hartman and Malone Series today!

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