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Count the Lies

by: Paige H. Perry

Count the Lies Book Cover
Available on Kindle Unlimited!

Book Trailer

Lots of turkey, pie, and too much time with family is what you’d expect on Thanksgiving.

Naturally, for Anna Hartman, nothing is ever that simple.

Anna is set for a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving dinner when one phone call changes everything. A financial investigation has revealed a troubling embezzling scheme with all evidence pointing to one of Anna’s closest friends!

With her friend’s future on the line, Anna and the crew have no choice but to jump in to help. But before they can even get their feet wet, a murder changes all their plans. Now, the team is left picking up the pieces of a friend’s promising career while searching for a killer.


Will Anna discover the truth before one of her oldest friends goes down for murder?

It’s time to buckle up for the first Hartman and Malone road trip. Hopefully, the team can survive the bumpy road along the way.


This cozy with an edge whodunit will keep you guessing until the very end! Buy “Count the Lies” today to read the exciting next installment of The Hartman and Malone Mystery Series!

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