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Bryant Malone Character Profile

Character Picture of Bryant Malone

Hey, I'm Bryant Malone, an East Coast native with a passion for law and dreams of opening my own firm. My school days were more about books than popularity, and my best friend (and brother) Joe has been my constant. My humor finds its roots in funny moments with friends, and my heart lies in my career and family. Integrity is my favorite trait, and narrow-mindedness in others doesn't sit well with me. 


A quick Rubik's cube solver and a mountain climbing enthusiast, I want to be perceived as someone trustworthy. Not much of a competitor, I rely on my intelligence in navigating life. Saturday mornings are all about relaxation and reading the paper. That's the lowdown on Bryant Malone.

Physical Characteristics

Name: Bryant Malone

Birthday: May 18th

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown


  • Grew Up: East Coast

  • Criminal Record: No

  • Family Members: One Brother - Joe

  • Parental Relationships: Father: Maverick | Mother: Beth

  • Career Goals: To open my own law firm

  • Education: Law Degree

  • Favorite Subject in School: History | English

  • Popularity in School: Was too busy studying to have a big social life

  • Most Embarrassing Moment: Getting turned down for prom

  • Best Friend: Joe


  • Greatest Fear: Failure

  • Greatest Secret: I worry I won’t be able to live up to my potential

  • Biggest Regret: Not knowing how to help Joe

  • What Makes Me Laugh: Funny events with friends

  • What do I Want Most in Life?: My own law firm

  • What am I Most Passionate About: My career and family

  • Favorite Trait about Myself: Integrity

  • Least Favorite Trait about Others: Narrow-mindedness

  • Pet Peeves: Those who don’t follow the rules

  • Favorite Quote: “Ring out the false, ring in the true.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

  • Bad Habits: Can be bad at listening

  • Secret Skill: Can solve a Rubik’s cube quickly

  • Hobbies: Mountain climbing

  • How do I Display Affection?: Buying gifts

  • How do I want Others to See Me?: Trustworthy

  • Competitive?: Usually not

  • What Sense do I Rely on Most?: My intelligence


  • Favorite Food: Indian

  • Least Favorite Food: Mushrooms

  • Favorite Flowers: Orchids

  • Favorite Animal: Elephant

  • Desired Pets: Dog

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: A bustling city

  • Bucket List Vacation Location: Rome

  • Favorite Type of Music: Popular music

  • Favorite Drink: Water

  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Beer  

  • Hero: Dad

  • Favorite Halloween Costume: I don’t dress up
    Choose a Superpower: Super intelligence


  • Unforgivable Offense: Hurting someone I love

  • What is My View of Freedom: A stable career and happy family

  • Biggest Promise I Made: I promised mom I would help Joe after Merida died

  • Biggest Lie I Told: I told Joe that everything would be all right after Merida was taken

Fun Facts

  • The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Eggs

  • What’s on My Bedside Table: Glass of water

  • What’s in my Car: Jumper cables

  • Item I Always Have with Me: Wallet and money | A way to get help if left stranded

  • Most Treasured Possession: Chess club trophy from school

  • Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Relax

  • First Thing I Do in the Morning: Read the paper

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