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Anna Hartman Character Profile

Physical Characteristics

Name: Anna Hartman

Birthday: June 14th

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue

Distinctive Appearance Traits: Infinity Heart Wrist Tattoo


  • Grew Up: East Coast

  • Criminal Record: Debatable

  • Family Members: One Sister - Marie

  • Parental Relationships: Father: Thatcher | Mother: Merissa (Deceased)

  • Career Goals: Criminology and Technology

  • Education: Pursuing Degree in Criminal Technology

  • Favorite Subject in School: Computers

  • Popularity in School: Got along with everyone

  • Most Embarrassing Moment: When sister bailed me out of jail

  • Best Friend: Claire Bavaro


  • Greatest Fear: Being alone | Knives

  • Greatest Secret: Runs to beach when overwhelmed with life

  • Biggest Regret: Not being there for mom

  • What Makes Me Laugh: Unexpected mishaps

  • What do I Want Most in Life?: Safety and love

  • What am I Most Passionate About: Friends and family

  • Favorite Trait about Myself: Loyalty

  • Least Favorite Trait about Others: Arrogance

  • Pet Peeves: People who put others down, especially my friends

  • Favorite Quote: “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

  • Bad Habits: Getting in trouble

  • Secret Skill: Street Racing

  • Hobbies: Surfing | Motorcycles

  • How do I Display Affection?: Giving up my time

  • How do I want Others to See Me?: As a loyal and compassionate friend

  • Competitive?: Obviously

  • What Sense do I Rely on Most?: Gut feeling | sight


  • Favorite Food: Italian

  • Least Favorite Food: Brussel Sprouts

  • Favorite Flowers: Lilacs

  • Favorite Animal: Llama

  • Desired Pets: Cat

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: Beach

  • Bucket List Vacation Location: Hawaii

  • Favorite Type of Music: Rock Music

  • Favorite Drink: Coke

  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Vodka

  • Hero: Dad

  • Favorite Halloween Costume: Pirate
    Choose a Superpower: Invincibility


  • Unforgivable Offense: Putting down my friends/family

  • What is My View of Freedom: Surfing | Feeling safe

  • Biggest Promise I Made: To always be there for my friends/family

  • Biggest Lie I Told: Not telling Marie where I disappear to

Fun Facts

  • The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Ice Cream

  • What’s on My Bedside Table: Picture of Mom

  • What’s in my Car: Sunscreen | Sunglasses

  • Item I Always Have with Me: Journal

  • Most Treasured Possession: Bracelet owned by mom

  • Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Sleep in

  • First Thing I Do in the Morning: Drink Coffee

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