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Allie Heiland Character Profile

Character Picture of Allie Heiland

Hey there, I'm Allie Heiland! A Northeast native, I've set my sights on a paralegal career and am armed with a Paralegal Professional Certification. Economics was my favorite subject in school, where I was known as the shy, quiet type. My most embarrassing moment? That big presentation mishap. 


I find joy in corny jokes and am passionate about creating a loving family. Stubbornness can be a bad habit of mine, but you'll find me climbing mountains and dominating table games like billiards and air hockey in my free time.


I aim to be seen as focused and ambitious, with a deep appreciation for the simple and creative aspects of life. Saturday mornings are reserved for mountain hikes, and breakfast marks the beginning of each day. That's a bit about me, Allie Heiland.

Physical Characteristics

Name: Allie Heiland

Birthday: January 23rd

Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Green


  • Grew Up: Northeast

  • Criminal Record: No

  • Family Members: One older brother: Edgar

  • Parental Relationships: Father: Sheppard | Mother: Brianne

  • Career Goals: To work as a paralegal

  • Education: Paralegal Professional Certification

  • Favorite Subject in School: Economics

  • Popularity in School: Was the shy, quiet type

  • Most Embarrassing Moment: When she messed up a big presentation

  • Best Friend: Corrie – a girl she went to high school with


  • Greatest Fear: Spiders

  • Greatest Secret: She’s never been truly in love before

  • Biggest Regret: Not going to prom in high school

  • What Makes Me Laugh: Corny jokes

  • What do I Want Most in Life?: A loving family

  • What am I Most Passionate About: Friends and Family

  • Favorite Trait about Myself: Honesty

  • Least Favorite Trait about Others: Impatience

  • Pet Peeves: When someone is lazy

  • Favorite Quote: “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confucius

  • Bad Habits: Can be stubborn

  • Secret Skill: Air hockey

  • Hobbies: Mountain climbing and table games (billiards, air hockey, etc.)

  • How do I Display Affection?: Spending time together

  • How do I want Others to See Me?: Focused and Ambitious

  • Competitive?: No

  • What Sense do I Rely on Most?: Hearing


  • Favorite Food: Pizza

  • Least Favorite Food: Fish

  • Favorite Flowers: Roses

  • Favorite Animal: Dog

  • Desired Pets: Dog

  • Favorite Vacation Spot: The Mountains

  • Bucket List Vacation Location: The Andes

  • Favorite Type of Music: Popular music

  • Favorite Drink: Soda

  • Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Mai Tai  

  • Hero: Grandpa

  • Favorite Halloween Costume: Something simple but creative
    Choose a Superpower: Flight


  • Unforgivable Offense: Abuse

  • What is My View of Freedom: Spending time in nature

  • Biggest Promise I Made: To care for grandpa when he got sick

  • Biggest Lie I Told: Said I would marry boyfriend after high school, but didn’t follow through

Fun Facts

  • The One Item I Must Have in the Fridge: Yogurt

  • What’s on My Bedside Table: Book and Phone Charger

  • What’s in my Car: Jumper Cables

  • Item I Always Have with Me: First Aid Kit

  • Most Treasured Possession: Grandma’s Wedding Ring

  • Favorite Thing to Do on Saturday Morning: Hike in the Mountains

  • First Thing I Do in the Morning: Eat Breakfast

Allie's Poetry Corner

The Love of Books

Pages yellow

spines are worn

sometimes dog-eared

sometimes torn

smeared words

coffee stains

children's crayon colors

still remain.

Marks of tears

left in pain.

Remarkable characters

that forever change

the course of minds

and the course of hearts.


Courage is when you love someone

and risk your heart for them,

and moving on when someone comes between you and him.


Courage is when

all lights are gone

and yours still burns on.


Courage is when you try something

that no one else will do.

When no one will believe it,

no one except for you.


Courage is when

in a world of hatred

someone learns to love.


Love is such a mystical thing

Sometimes it causes one's heart to sing

The heart shall cry when love is gone

and wonder what can bring back its song.

When finally it feels it can't love anymore

another heart shows up at its door.


No one on earth will ever know

all the secrets that love can behold.

But some will learn that even though

their loves seem true, it may not be so.


Some loves are wonderful

while others are full of pain and sorrow.

Love is like a sparrow,

its sounds are sweet

its looks deceiving.


Sunlight, Sunlight

Where are you in the night?

Are you on the other side

painting a beautiful sunrise?

Are you right here

and don't dare

to go anywhere?

You must be gone

because you're not beyond

the beautiful mountains I am so fond.

You won't be long

because morning will come with a song!

The Wishing Star

Long ago I traveled far

searching for the wishing star.

I looked and looked, but could not find

the perfect star for that wish of mine.

Each time I met a star

I asked them to help me, but none did by far.

All the stars were too important for my wish.

They laughed and snickered and said, "Can you imagine this?

Someone actually wants us, the important stars of the sky,

to answer a wish. Oh, I could just die!"

And so I sadly walked away

hoping I'd find the right one someday.

I thought my star would be perfect,

shimmer bright, be without defect,

shining brightly in the sky,

very beautiful to the eye.

But what I found, to my surprise,

was far beyond what was in my mind.

I found it underneath the trees

far beneath the branches and leaves.

A little dimmer than the rest,

I knew at once it was the best.

I made my wish and went home that night

hoping my wish had been answered just right.

Quickly, I traveled home to see

just exactly what the answer would be.

Would my wish come true,

or would I have to live without you?

Now that I see

that if we weren't meant to be,

I don't know what I would have done

for my love is not just for anyone.

Star Gazing

I met a star the other night

who told me to make a wish on it.

It told me my dreams would come true

if I chose to make the correct wish.

Deep in thought, I pondered these words

not wanting to make the mistake of my life.

I pondered this both day and night

until the answer was very clear.

And when I found the answer clear,

which was lodged deep within my heart,

I traveled far back to the star

to tell it what I did now know.

My dreams were truly answered that night.

I found my true self within me.

I never knew everything life could hold

or what happiness really meant.

The wish I made was very small.

Glamour was not even its name.

I found the answer deep in my heart,

and although my answer could seem strange,

I believe that it is the key to all.

Not every person can make this wish,

nor can I make the one they hear.

But every person has the perfect wish

that is lodged deep within their hearts.

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