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A Deal to Die For

by: Paige H. Perry

A Deal to Die For book cover
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"This was a fun book. I had not read the first in the series, Trial by Sabotage: An Amateur Sleuth, Private Investigator Adventure, but I had no problem with following the story.


Anna Hartman and Joe Malone are working to prove their client innocent. The story had a little bit of everything, twists, romance, family, and humor.


So much to find out how it all connects.”

—  Juli, Goodreads

Book Trailer

Anna Hartman is going to need more than a good cup of coffee to solve her latest case.

Fresh off the success of saving her sister’s hide from jail, Anna is ready to hit the ground running when a fresh case hits her desk. The only problem is this case is a doozy and there is a mountain of evidence working against her.

After police find a local realtor brutally murdered, it’s the realtor’s business partner on trial for the crime. Considering investigators locate evidence of the crime at his house and he has a ticket out of the country, it seems like an open and shut case for the prosecution…and a lengthy jail sentence for Anna’s client.

Anna’s not convinced all the clues add up to a guilty verdict, though. She’s determined to uncover every stone until she finds the truth. But what happens when one of those stones brings up a blast from Anna’s past that isn’t something she ever wanted to face again?

Can Anna find the truth with a threat against her own life hanging over her head?

Anna’s got her work cut out for her if she’s going to get her private investigator career off the ground. Luckily, she’s got the Hartman and Malone team to help her out.

If you love private investigators, stubborn detectives, and a side of danger, this is the book for you. Download “A Deal to Die For” today to get to solving the mystery.

*Previously published as “Forgotten Promises” by Paige H. Perry


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